Smart Home

The Westdale Smart Home project is a revolutionary initiative aimed at helping senior citizens who are struggling to live independently. The project involves installing various sensing devices in a renovated house that monitor the movement and health of the residents. With servers located in the basement, Bluetooth relay units in every room, and real-time urine analysis in the toilet, the technology is designed to detect any anomalies in the behavior and health of the occupant, and alert caregivers or medical professionals to intervene before the situation worsens. The sensors monitor movements in the house and detect any erratic behavior that could signal impending cognitive or dementia issues. Additionally, medication usage can be monitored to ensure that it is being taken as prescribed. The Westdale Smart Home project is a bold attempt to leverage information technology, wireless communication, web-based technologies, and autonomics to develop cost-effective solutions for senior citizens’ health and wellness. The innovations developed through this project aim to help older adults lead independent lifestyles and detect early symptoms of diseases, leading to early treatment. Ultimately, the Westdale Smart Home project has the potential to revolutionize how we care for senior citizens and improve their quality of life.